Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness & Response

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness & Response

UPDATED: December 8, 2021


The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States and abroad has many of us deeply concerned. Please know Stone Rehab continues taking appropriate measures to protect the health and well-being of patients, teammates, and their families, as this is our number one priority.

Our goal is to continue our successful track record of keeping our residents safe with precautions in place. Our COVID-19 Task Force meets to review our current state and plan for the future. The task force adjusts our policies and protocols to leading information and the latest best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), and the Virginia Department of Health.  This ensures we are educated and prepared.

We credit the health of our campus to everyone adhering to the COVID-19 preventive measures we have put in place. We know these policies and procedures are not always easy and can restrict daily life and work activities, but they have proven effective.

For COVID-19, we have implemented the following critical measures specific to this virus.  These measures include:


  1. Our team members are issued K-95 masks upon entry to The Hoy Center and Stone Rehab as a precautionary measure to protect others.  Our Medical Director recommended this step early on to enhance the protection of physical distancing. It is now required by the CDC and CMS guidelines. 

  2. All residents will be admitted to a room on the Stone Rehab unit, where we follow CMS and CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 precautions. Stone residents who are vaccinated will not have to complete an isolation period. Residents who are not vaccinated will be on droplet precautions in-room for 14 days to further safeguard all staff and residents in The Hoy Center and Stone Rehab. On day 14, residents will be tested, and as long as there are no present symptoms and the test is negative, droplet precautions will be discontinued.

  3. All therapy disciplines will meet with each unvaccinated resident upon admission for evaluation in the resident's room.  Following the evaluation, each resident will continue to receive therapy in their room until further notice. 

  4.  A Birdsong Tablet is available in each patient room for ease of access to video chat and other mentally stimulating activities. 

  5.  All essential team members are being screened and asked a set of questions every day, including if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. If anyone answers yes to these questions, they are not allowed inside our campus.

We strongly encourage team members and residents to follow CDC-recommended practices that are proven to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing their hands with soap and water, covering their cough, avoiding close contact with others. Frequently wiping down desks, computers, tables, door handles, etc., with disinfectant cleaners.


Outpatient Services are limited to uphold Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay Coronavirus policies and procedures.


Open communication is crucial. We will continue to provide regular updates about our community’s status on Stone Rehab’s website. This is in addition to the direct communications we have with our patients, their families, and our team members.




At Stone Rehab, we know how important it is to stay connected to loved ones, especially in this challenging time. One way of making sure our patients are staying connected is with the Birdsong Tablet as well as in-person visitations. Stone Rehab has Birdsong Tablets in every room. Our tablets are set up with Skype to ensure easy communication with family members, friends, or neighbors! The Birdsong Tablet is also great for listening to music, watching TV shows, playing strategy games, and more. 

 We want to assure you that providing a safe and healthy environment for patients and team members is a top priority at Stone Rehab. We are dedicated to their well-being.


Thank you for your confidence and support.

  • Stone Rehab has been a home away from home. It feels like I am in a resort. The staff work from their hearts and are all kind and understanding. The food is fabulous! If I need rehab again, I wouldn't go anywhere else. P. Lengyel
  • The best in the area! I'd recommend their rehab to everyone! G. Dailey
  • They are the best! They took very good care of me. I wouldn't even have to ask for my ice to be replaced on my hip because the nurses came in and replaced it like clockwork.  Helen B.
  • I was very impressed with the rehab team. They helped me walk much better. I most appreciated the Occupational and Physical Therapy team. S. Thacker
  • In Stone Rehab, everything was great. The food was outstanding. The nursing staff was excellent. The private room was beautiful. It was like staying at a resort. I'd go back anytime! J. Armstrong
  • His transformation over the last two weeks is incredible. He is physically and emotionally in such a better place. He really is back to himself and we didn't expect that to happen.  Cathyann T.
  • Ya'll were great. I cannot say enough words about the treatment that I was given. Everyone was fantastic from the nurses to the therapists and the housekeepers. Ya'll treated me so well. Deborah C.
  • PT has been great. They taught me a lot. This is the strongest I've been in a long time. This is probably the healthiest I've been too.  Anonymous
  • I would tell others that they couldn't find a better place to be. R. Griffin
  • This place couldn't be any better. I am very pleased with everything and everyone. Top of the list! They were in the room cleaning every day, multiple times a day. I felt very safe with all that is going on in the outside world these days. H. Ballard
  • The staff are caring. They were interested in my needs. They went above and beyond especially with those gowns on. Jill (PT) and the nurses were super people. You've got a really great staff. They deserve all the praise that they get. James S.
  • "Stone Rehab treats me with kindness. Everyone always has a smile on their face! It's very encouraging to someone like me who needs to get better. The staff make me feel welcome and like I'm right at home." Q. Guase
  • "The staff met every need with a smile and always a positive attitude. Thank you for creating an atmosphere where patients are treated with respect and dignity." Anonymous
  • I met with my surgeon yesterday and I am completely healed & doing very well because of the great care received at Stone Rehab. H. Sprague
  • "I have most appreciated the staff here in Stone Rehab. I would tell others that if you want to go to a place where they care about you, go to Stone Rehab." D. Watts
  • "Mom loved being under Stone Rehab care. The nurses recognized my mom from when she had stated at Stone Rehab before. Everyone welcomed her and were happy to see her and my mom was excited about that. Stone Rehab made her feel relaxed and comfortable." D. McKenna
  • "Stone Rehab has done a good job and truly helped my mom as best as they could. The continuity with her care from Stone Rehab to Westminster Canterbury at Home (WCAH) who will take over her care after her discharge is impressive. My wife, sister-in-law, brother, and I thank Westminster-Canterbury from the bottom of our hearts for all they've done for our family and mom." B. Pearson
  • Staying at Stone Rehab has been a wonderful experience. Everyone has been a joy to have around. Everyone is very friendly and takes time to chat which is comforting. Janet K.
  • "Thanks so much for taking such good care of my mother. I am sure it wasn't always easy but you all were very professional, capable, and compassionate in doing your best t help my 89-year-old mother recover. It gave me peace of mind to know she was in your hands. You all are a very valuable asset in this community. It is you all that allow exhausted family members to sleep better each night." Pam S.
  • "The best decision I ever made was coming to WC 6 years ago. Everyone is very professional, they know their job & they do it well. I was healthy and independent 6 years ago when I moved here & now I'm experiencing episodes of back pain that Stone Rehab is helping me with. It's a marvelous place!" J. Lottman
  • "I am doing as well as I am due to the care I received at Westminster-Canterbury's Stone Rehab." Marie W.
  • "I was terribly sad when I first arrived, but the staff cheered me up & got me moving. The nurses and the therapists were angels. And the food was as good as could be, I'd like to take the chef home with me." Carolyn G.
  • "Service, food, personnel... everything was great. My wife is a retired nurse and she said that the other rehabs didn't compare to yours. We drove past three different rehabs to come to WC's Stone Rehab and don't have any regrets." Franklin R.
  • I wish I could remember all of the staff's names that were so wonderful; Ophelia, Vickie, Jo, Cody. Everyone was friendly and sweet. The therapy department came in bubbly and energetic, they were wonderful. Terry S.
  • I’m writing to let you know how phenomenal I have found each and every member of the medical staff to be both with my Mom and to each of us.  One of the LPN’s said to me this morning, “I’m here as much for you and your siblings as I am for Mom.”  Such kindness from everyone. Becky W.
  • I'd like to thank you and the whole staff for the wonderful care my mother received.  In the eight years I worked as a Utilization Review Analyst for DMAS I can say without a doubt your community and staff are the "toppest of notchs." Joyce S.
  • "I was immediately put at ease when hearing how Ed was being taken care of at Westminster-Canterbury. Everything you all have done for us has been spot on, and it means so much to us that you have continued to follow us even after he left." Patricia W.
  • I can't say enough about the staff of nurses, CNAs & therapists. Everybody was fantastic. Even when my family came to visit, they were treated so well. Robert Edwards
  • "I'm physically getting much stronger. Believe me when I tell you, I not only appreciate it but I'm going to go ahead and recommend you to everyone else. I appreciate everything that you've done for me." Kim S.
  • Your level of care and respect for people is amazing. Even during difficult times, your staff was impeccable. I wish she could live there all the time. Nursing care rates 5/5. Cory was great, grandmother would press her button all night and he was so patient with her. Jeannette J.